Robin Hood's Bay
North Yorkshire

Robin Hood's Bay
Inns and Taverns

Cobbled streets, steps, alleys and small stone cottages with red pantile roofs, many of which have cellars like the numerous inns, which were no doubt used for storing Brandy, Tea, Silk and Tobacco during the smuggling days of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Robin Hoods Bay
From The South Cheek at Ravenscar

The Locals prefer Robin Hoods Bay's old name of Bay Town which, really only applies to the close clustered cottages, houses and other buildings clinging precariously to the steep hill which forms the main street. Called New Road, since around 1780, when it was new, and the village thrived on its fishing. Around 1875 there were 174 boats registered here.

The main car park at the top of the hill is the nearest visitors can get to Bay Town before having to walk. The descent to the sea is quite easy, but climbing back up again is quite demanding. The Long curved beach with its interesting rock formations will delight Geologists and rock pool seekers alike, but be aware of fast rising tide.

Robin Hoods Bay


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